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We specialise in architecture, interior design, landscape architecture and the design of residential buildings, offices and public buildings. We rely on modern technologies and materials to realise contemporary and sustainable projects.

Architecture is a field that emerged from the basic human need for living space and has developed over thousands of years into a technically perfected artisanal practice that combines a variety of different skills and technologies.

Regardless of whether we look at the building from the outside or walk through it from the inside, our experience is strongly characterised by the finishing work.

Materials, textures, connections and details – all these are used to define proportions, give the building a certain character and ultimately breathe life into a space that can otherwise appear quite calm and serene.

We offer you the production of plans of prefabricated elements in the construction industry – especially stairs and landings. Creation of general plans and plan elements.

We prepare estimates according to certain categories of operations, the execution of the work and the number of operations, as well as the types of materials and equipment whose consumption is predicted; the estimate will indicate the prices for the work carried out and the materials and equipment required to carry out the work.

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Based on your wishes, which can be sketches, pictures from magazines, your thoughts or similar, we offer you conceptual solutions that do not have to be final, but can be modified after presentation and consultation with you to achieve the desired results. Our 3D visualisation makes it easier for the customer to imagine the final external and internal appearance of the object.

We create variants and you choose the one you like best.

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