Community health center

Due to the accessibility requirements, the building has a maximum of P+1.The health center building consists of two blocks (Block A – P+1, Block B – height).P+1), connected by a connecting space.The building is designed as a free-standing building with access from all four sides.

Single family house

We present you a detailed plan of a detached house of 136 square meters with a swimming pool and a beautiful garden. Its main advantage is a functional interior designed for the needs of a family of four, and there is a spacious attic for storing things. The house is the perfect choice for those who prefer a classic design with modern accents. The living space is located on the first floor of the house, which is dominated by a spacious living room connected to the dining room, kitchen and pantry. In front of it there is a master bedroom with a separate room for wardrobe and toilet, as well as two children’s bedrooms and a bathroom.